Alfamail: intuitive b2b workflow software

Open Standard ISO 29481 improves communication between cooperating organisations in the infrastructure sector. Alfamail is web-based, intuitive and works on the basis of subscriptions. When you choose Alfamail, you have:

  • no major investment in a software package;
  • no installation of software within your organisation.

Alfamail is responsive and has the same layout on mobile, tablet and desktop. Alfamail is also ideally suited for Workflow, Contract Management and VISI.

Miscommunication, failure costs, delays. With our workflow software you limit these obstacles. Meet Alfamail, register your project.


Alfamail is a web-based solution with the look and feel of email. This makes working with Alfamail simple and intuitive.


Role-based access control, 99.9% uptime and 256-bit AES encryption

Attachments up to 2GB

Say goodbye to WeTransfer and Dropbox

Dutch Awareness Event: VISI at Clients

7 November 2019, Baarn (The Netherlands)

The communication and information exchange will fail again and again during projects. This means that project and contract management does not function optimally. To properly record coordination, decision making and information transfer during infrastructure projects, Building Information Management (BIM) is an important tool. Two BIM standards in particular stand out in practice: COINS & VISI.

Do you not yet use COINS and / or VISI in your projects? And do you want to know how and in what way others use it?

Register and come to our VISI event on Thursday afternoon, November 7, 2019 and learn everything about applying COINS and VISI. We are happy to show you what VISI can do for you, and how you adopt COINS in your project and/or organisation.

Participation is free.


Open Standard: prescribed by public sector

Open standard VISI / ISO 29481 has been mandated by the Dutch government for standardisation since June 2012. This means that (semi-) governmental contractors involved in infrastructure projects are obliged to purchase VISI / ISO 29481 software when they invest in new software and systems.

Forum Standardization promotes the interoperability of the Dutch government. The use of open ICT standards - such as VISI / ISO 29481 - plays an important role in this. BIM Loket manages the open standards COINS and VISI. ISO manages the open standard ISO 29481.