Integration with our application program interface

The introduction of a new application or new software in an organisation often raises objections. One of those concerns is linking or integration with existing software or systems. It can be a lengthy process or even impossible. Thanks to the API (Application Programming Interface) developed by our software development team, it does not have to be a problem to integrate with Alfamail.

Alfamail connects seamlessly

Our API ensures that Alfamail seamlessly fits into existing ICT architecture. You can easily integrate VISI into the already used business applications and back office systems. Think about: 

  • CBIS;
  • eDocs;
  • LiveLink;
  • Oracle Applications;
  • SAP;
  • SharePoint;
  • Verseon.

These are just a few examples. Are you still in doubt or are you even convinced that linking with your current software or applications is impossible? Challenge us to prove to you that it is possible.

Integrate VISI with your business processes

With the Alfamail API you can:

  • Archive projects completely;
  • Send VISI messages from other applications;
  • Develop your own VISI application;
  • Create extensive reports and process them;
  • Trigger actions upon receipt of a VISI message;
  • Notify users or store VISI messages in your own back office system.

Integration increases efficiency

The following examples of the integration possibilities with the Alfamail API illustrate how an integration increases the efficiency in your organisation.

Send from DMS

Send a file from your Document Management System (DMS); with the push of a button you communicate formally, according to the contractual agreements recorded in a VISI framework

Save to DMS

Automatically save attachments to your DMS, which were sent and received by Alfamail

Email notifications

Retrieve reports, for example via email; you are always up to date


Use Alfamail on all internet enabled devices, such as your mobile phone

Request demo or introduction

Integration of Alfamail provides more than just the mentioned benefits. Would you like to know more or experience how the integration of Alfamail through our API increases your efficiency? Then ask for an introduction meeting or a free demo.