Integration of VISI / ISO 29481 and COINS

Data from BIM (Building Information Management) are crucial for the success of a construction project. BIM handles infrastructural data that are important for the design, construction and maintenance of an object. When this data is lost, the project is not delivered according to the agreements. Prevent data loss by using Alfamail and CBIS.

Various software and applications are used for the processes and activities within your organisation. Contract management, asset management, information management, everything has its own requirements and software solutions. Exchange and collaboration between these solutions ensures efficient project execution and prevents errors.


Alfamail + CBIS = VISI + COINS

With Alfamail and CBIS, TECHNIA provides a suitable solution for information and contract management between cooperating organisations for the entire life cycle. CBIS and Alfamail can be perfectly linked for a seamless cooperation in contract and information management.
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Contract Management: Alfamail

Contract management takes place via the web application Alfamail. This software is the basis for a transparent, structured and sequential exchange of information. Alfamail requires collaborating organisations to ensure an unambiguous transfer of information. An attachment can for instance also be a BIM data container.

Object Data Management: CBIS

The management of BIM data takes place in CBIS. Here you can access BIM information:

  • check in;
  • save;
  • analyse;
  • manage and compare;
  • merge;
  • share.

CBIS complies with the open standard COINS, which is managed by the Dutch organisation BIM-loket.

Integrate your software with the Alfamail API

With the API you can link applications such as a document management system or CBIS to VISI software Alfamail. The video shows how BIM information (Requirements) in ENOVIA is exported into a COINS data container, and subsequently is imported, stored, analysed and validated in CBIS, and finally sent as an attachment of a message in Alfamail.