Awareness Events: everything you need to know about COINS & VISI

Since 2003 we are expert in open standard VISI / ISO 29481. And since 2007 also in the field of open standard COINS. To inform you about what COINS and VISI can mean for your organisation, we organise an awareness event several times a year. These events are intended to gain knowledge and to network with your peers from the civil infrastructure industry. We also show how we apply our knowledge to our customers.

The focus during an awareness event is on:

  • What benefits can VISI bring to your organisation?
  • How do you apply COINS and VISI within your organisation?
  • How can you start tomorrow?


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Jeroen van Geijlswijk

Consultant COINS & VISI

+31 85 0498163


Thomas Brink

Consultant COINS & VISI

+31 85 0498163


The VISI software Alfamail developed by TECHNIA is used by many organisations for small and large projects. These organisations preceded you: