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Ringwade 31
3439 LM Nieuwegein
The Netherlands

+31 85 0498163 (office)
+31 85 0498164 (help desk)

IBAN: DE92514303006725760001
VAT: NL809587798B01
Chamber of Commerce: 08095732

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. Is the answer to your question not included? Then you can contact us in various ways.

1What do I need to use Alfamail?
You need a mobile, tablet or computer with a web browser and an internet connection. No installation of software or app is required to use Alfamail.
2How much effort am I / my colleagues going to experience to understand Alfamail?
Because the usage largely corresponds to the usage of web-based email solutions, such as Outlook, Hotmail and Gmail, Alfamail can be learned very quickly.
3Does Alfamail work on a mobile phone?
You can start, read and reply to messages on a mobile phone. Go to in the web browser of your phone.
4What is the url of the SOAP server of Alfamail?
Alfamail uses a secure connection for sending and receiving SOAP messages. The address of our SOAP server is:
5Is there an integration between Alfamail and my current software?
Yes, there are integrations available (including 4Projects), and new integrations are reasonably easy to achieve because of the Alfamail Application Programming Interface (API). Our API is available for every software developer. Interested parties can consult the documentation or contact us.