Alfamail VISI Software - desktop

New software and applications require time and effort to get to know. Because our interface corresponds to email software, Alfamail is intuitive and can almost be used without training. You do not need to install any software, because Alfamail is a web-based application. So you can start immediately.


look & feel of email

In The Cloud

no installation

Always and everywhere accessible

Registered users can log in to Alfamail anytime, anywhere. A user name and password are the only conditions. The web-based interface is responsive and therefore has the same user interface on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Additional functions

On top of the basic functionality of the VISI software, Alfamail offers many additional functions:


Reply from an e-mail notification


Download Excel, project and management reports: tables, graphs, etc.

Attachments up to 2GB

Say goodbye to WeTransfer and Dropbox

Manage progress

Receive notifications when the response time is exceeded

Request a demo

Do you want to experience how easy to use Alfamail is? Request a demo or watch the video.


Sometimes a question arises that asks for a quick answer. You can always call on our helpdesk for this.

For optimal use of Alfamail, you can turn to us for:

  • Design / adjust business processes;
  • Training;
  • Project setup;
  • Project archiving;
  • Evaluations;
  • Refresher course;
  • Application management.

Jeroen Hiemstra

Support Consultant

+31 85 0498164

Integrate with our API

Alfamail is easy to integrate with existing software. Our Application Programming Interface (API) makes it possible to link our VISI software to e.g. your Document Management system. With the Alfamail API you can for example:

  • Start business processes from other applications;
  • Synchronise (a part of) a process, message or attachment to your back-office system;
  • Develop your own VISI application.

Learn more about the integration possibilities of our API.