Integrate with your Document Management system

Documents - that are exchanged via VISI - must be stored correctly. By linking Alfamail to your Document Management System (DMS), it is possible to save files directly to the correct location in your DMS. This can be done from any device.

The integration between Alfamail and your DMS can be implemented step by step. Every form of integration is based on the Alfamail API. This is a technical gateway of Alfamail for making functionalities and information accessible to other systems.

Thanks to the API, you can link Alfamail with, for example:

  • 3DExperience;
  • 4Projects;
  • CORSA;
  • DocBase;
  • Docstream;
  • Hummingbird;
  • LiveLink;
  • SharePoint.

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Integration example: 4Projects

To illustrate the possibilities, here is an example of integration of Alfamail with 4Projects with the Alfamail API.

Via the explorer view of 4Projects you can easily send documents directly from 4Projects using Alfamail. Downloads and uploads are not required. To store documents from Alfamail to 4Projects (including properties), a mapping of metadata is configured. After this implementation you will not have to worry anymore about synchronising files and file properties.


Connect your DMS with Alfamail

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