Your tailor-made processes in a contractual framework

Designing your business to business (b2b) and business processes is a complex task. All agreements and processes must be carefully translated and recorded in the VISI software. You do not have to do it yourself, we have experienced consultants who do this for you.

The process for designing processes and bundle it in a VISI framework consists of the following steps:

  • Preparation: As start, an generic contractual framework UAV / UAVgc / Design & Construct / PPP (or similar) is selected and imported into the Alfamail VISI software by an experienced VISI consultant.
  • Inventory: During an interactive session of half a day a consultant - together with a group of project employees - analyzes the roles, responsibilities and tasks of the project. After the session the consultant processes the results into a customer-specific framework of processes (version 1).
  • Evaluation: With version 1 of the customer-specific framework, a second interactive session of a half day is held with the same group. Feedback on this VISI framework is collected and after the session inserted into the framework (version 2).
  • Presentation: Finally, with version 2 of the customer-specific framework, a demonstration / acceptance test of half a day is organised, after which the contract framework is ready for being used in the training and project.

Thomas Brink


Jeroen van Geijlswijk


The framework: collection of contractual processes

Communication agreements are bundled for certain types of projects or industries in accordance with VISI/ISO 29481. Such a bundle of agreements is called a VISI contractual framework. The framework includes which roles, transactions, messages, data elements and attachments are applicable for communication and process execution in a certain project or industry.

Get a VISI / ISO 29481 contractual framework

When you set up your VISI / ISO 29481 framework together with us, you know for sure it is complete when you start using it.

All roles, responsibilities and tasks are included, entirely in accordance with the contractual agreements with your subcontractor. We will gladly tell you more about it.