Secure project information with a sustainable archive

Would you like to retain valuable, relevant information from your project for an audit or the next life-cycle phase of the project? Keep this information offline so you always have it available, even after completion of the project.

Base for improvement of your project

A USB stick with an archive - in accordance with the open standard VISI / ISO 29481 - includes:

  • all transactions;
  • all messages;
  • all attachments;
  • viewer.


The viewer contains functionality to view and search the archive of your project. This does not require specific software, but requires a web browser. This way any organisation can access the relevant data of the project.

Creating a project archive

To secure your project information for the future, we follow the next steps:

  1. create a project archive;
  2. download and save to USB stick;
  3. draft accompanying letter;
  4. send letter and USB stick.

For more information, please contact our specialists.