Project setup: Alfamail ready for use

To use the VISI / ISO 29481 software it is necessary that a framework is available. Also in order to execute the processes, a project environment is needed. Our specialists set up your project quickly and efficiently, so your project team has access to an online environment for the use of VISI / ISO 29481.

A framework as a starting point

The project is created using a VISI / ISO 29481 framework. This framework is a digital translation of the contractual processes and the internal processes of the project organisation. The framework (including the role card) is imported into Alfamail. This results in an online project environment in which users are able to:

  • train (in a training set up) and/or;
  • handle the formal contract communication (in a production set up).

Let us organise your project in Alfamail. It saves you time and frustration when VISI software is required.

Let our specialists help you

The set up of a VISI / ISO 29481 project includes:

  • create user accounts;
  • create project environment;
  • import VISI / ISO 29481 framework;
  • assign roles to user accounts;
  • distribute user accounts (login names and passwords).

Our experienced specialists know about the consequences of certain choices and ensure that you do not miss anything in the project setup. Secure your project works smoothly by using our specialists for your project setup.


Jeroen Hiemstra

Support Consultant

+31 85 0498164