VISI Web App for Android / iOS

Accessing your VISI software on the costrcution siteor on the go is no problem with Alfamail. Alfamail is accessible as a web-based application with every device that has internet access. In addition to desktop, Alfamail is easy to use on tablet and mobile.

The web interface allows registered users to log in to Alfamail anytime, anywhere. Installing an app is not needed. No unnecessary use of memory and always up-to-date.


The web app is free, but you need an Alfamail account for signing up.

Always up-to-date

Because of the web solution, both project data and software are always up-to-date. The responsive design contributes to the intuitive use of the app. The look and feel of the software on tablet and mobile are the same as the desktop version.

Important advantages of Alfamail are:

  • No software updates;
  • Not dependent on (up-to-date) OS, works on every device;
  • Work in multiple projects simultaneously without logging in and out.

If you want to know more, ask our specialists now.


Manage projects on location

With Alfamail you can manage all your contracts, agreements and communication concerning the project at the construction site. You always have insight into the current information and can act quickly when necessary, without having to verify the paper agreements. These processes are modeled in Alfamail and are therefore secured.

Proof of the pudding is in the eating

We believe you can only be convinced by using our software yourself. You do not have to invest in this, we provide a free trial account without obligation. So experience it yourself, request your trial account now.