Learn how to use Alfamail efficiently in half a day

Learning new software often costs a lot of effort. It requires adaptability from your employees. When they get to know the concept behind and understand the software better, the biggest barrier is gone. In our practical training we teach your employees to understand the concept of VISI / ISO 29481 and how to use Alfamail.

In this hands-on training, a user learns the purpose of VISI / ISO 29481, and learns a more efficient way of contractual communication with the help of Alfamail. The user learns the software and learns how to operate all options and menu items.



This training is especially targeted towards users. The most common roles are:

  • Contract Manager;
  • Contract Secretary;
  • Environmental Manager;
  • Project Controller;
  • Project Manager;
  • Technical Manager.

N.B. For application managers a specific training is available.


  • half a day


  • € 630.40 (per group of up to 8 people)